After the success of the first season, Medeber Teatro is renewing the Migrant Spectators workshops in 2022-2023. Originally set up as part of the European LiteracyAct project initiated by Erasmus+, Migrant Spectators is an initiative set up by ASINITAS  in Italy, our association’s LiteracyAct partner.

What is Migrant Spectators?

Migrant Spectators are hybrid, multilingual editorial teams of 8 to 10 people, with different cultural heritages and migratory backgrounds, or with long-established roots in Brussels. These groups get together to watch plays, discuss them and then offer a personal commentary (reflection, memory, reaction…) in the form of a text or visual expressions.

The aim of these workshops?

  • Generate discussion on the themes addressed in the shows;
  • Reinforce the learning of the French language with a view to socio-cultural inclusion, through theater as a citizenship activity;
  • Encourage participants to discover and make their own theatrical venue, making it an anchor point in the urban and cultural landscape of their new city.

With the support of the Saint-Gilles Impulsion local plan, the CoCoF’s Service de la Cohésion Sociale, Théâtre Les Tanneurs and Théâtre National in Brussels.

We warmly invite any associations interested in joining the project to get in touch with us!

During the 2022-2023 season, Medeber Teatro experimented Migrant Spectators with writers from their “Poiesis” workshops and the French course at the Centre Hellénique de Saint-Gilles (Brussels).

Medeber Teatro

Medeber Teatro is a performative, educational and theoretical research project on theater and poetry. The activities of our theater companies are increasingly widespread, offering shows, participatory performances and weekly workshops, as well as one-offs, theater, movement and poetry. We’d like to tell you more about the poem, and about creating original spaces for interaction and sharing with the public. For poetry, we hope to stimulate the public’s appropriation of its own creativity, and to be imagined with a view to transforming reality or another perspective.

The name Medeber comes from a caravanserai in the city of Asmara in Eritrea, where every day, packs are transformed and put to a new use, thanks to the work and collective creation of the market community.